The Fox, the Crow, and the Tortoise

By: Sidd Jasti

One day, a tortoise was collecting food for the winter. But then he stumbled upon a hurt fox. "What happened to you?" asked the tortoise. "It's so hard to collect food!" replied the fox. "Could you help me?" "Certainly!" said the tortoise. The fox and tortoise gathered food and made a shelter. Then the tortoise went back to gathering food for himself. But then he saw a crying crow. "What's the problem?" asked the tortoise. "I can't get enough food and I will die during the winter!" said the crow. "Well I'll help you!" replied the tortoise. So the tortoise helped the crow collect food and made a nice shelter for the crow. Then the tortoise went back to collecting food when it started to snow. So, the tortoise was hungry and cold all winter.
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