Library News and Information - Oct. & Nov. 2014

DISTANCE LEARNING - Where can it take you??

Mrs. Cioffi's class participated in a collaboration with a school in Madison, NY (by Syracuse) for "Monster Match", where each class had to create the others 'monster' using the directions they were given. Each class showed what they had created and what they thought the other class had created, and discussed similarities and differences.

The students also had the opportunity to ask each other questions about their school, and the students' likes and dislikes.

Mrs. Donohue's class presented their "Naked Turkeys" to a class in Minoa, NY and explained why these turkeys should NOT be eaten on Thanksgiving. The elementary class in Minoa also got to show Mrs. Donohue's students their not-so- Naked Turkeys and explained why they shouldn't be eaten.

Mrs. Cioffi's class was able to discuss their Naked Turkeys with a class from Granville, OH. These classes had a good time guessing what the turkey was (since it wasn't a turkey).

This collaboration stressed creative writing skills, traits of a particular character, and skilled listening. Students in both class were able to ask their distance learning partners questions about their school, classes, and likes/dislikes.

It is wonderful to see the connections being made through the Distance Learning Center.

Where can it take you?

Check into the collaborations that are sent out periodically. Mrs. Kuzmich will be more than happy to assist you in setting up a DL opportunity for your class.


For the months of October and November over 65 classes used the library for information seeking needs, pleasure and academic reading materials, and to use the Distance Learning Center. This included BOTH elementary and high school classes. It is wonderful to see so many faces using the library.

The library circulated 868!! items - WOW!!!!!!

We sent 5 items through InterLibraryLoan (ILL) to other schools.

We requested 47 items from other schools.

73 students used the library to study for their classes during study hall.


By next week I should have 15 student laptops available for use IN THE LIBRARY!! This very exciting addition of technology should provide the students with a place to go to work on projects during the school day.

NEW!!! NEW!!!! NEW!!!!

The week before Thanksgiving a total of 138 items were added to the library collection! 138!! These books are displayed on both sides of the library for all to see and check-out! I am working diligently to continue to add titles from the nook in back of the circulation desk for everyone's reading pleasure.