The Texas Annexation

How is it going to end up?

slavery issues

Besides the thought of manifest destiny, black people are beginning to debate with America about slavery. A free black person in the republic said that he owned land, he ran a bussiness, and even kept slaves; he was free until texas annexed into the United states. He proclamed that he will lose all individual rigths promised to him when he first moved to Texas. therefore, everyone started to debate and dissagree.

War with Mexico

The Americans were frightened that if Texas annexed with the United states, that Mexico would declare war with the United states. Being brave enough, they allowed texas to annex with them. In conflict, Mexico automatically demanded war because they didnt want to give up their land.

Manifest Destiny

A free black Texas once dissagreed about Texas Annexating with the United states because he would lose all of his rights. He said that Manifest Destiny was just expanding slavery. America dissagreed. They said that their dream of manifest Destiny was that much closer. now that Texas is annexed with the United states, California and the land will not be far behind, but it might be a result to be in war with Mexico.