Fire Safety

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An escape plan can help every member of a family get out of a burning house. The idea is to get outside quickly and safely. Smoke from a fire can make it hard to see where things are, so it's important to learn and remember the different ways out of your home.

If you see Fire Any where. What should you do?

If you ever see fire like at a house call an adult or call 911 for help. Try to help as fast as possible. Stay away from the fire so you can be safe. If there is not adult call 911, and tell them where you and what is happening.

Some facts about Fire safety

Facts about fire safety 🔥🔥

what can can happen if you cause your house on fire

you have a 90% of causing a wild fire

Facts 2

  • Heating is the second leading cause of residential fires and the second leading cause of fire deaths. However, heating fires are a larger problem in single-family homes than in apartments. Unlike apartments, the heating systems in single-family homes are often not professionally maintained.

Thid are the rooms that get on the fireb the most

  1. Kitchen 46.1%
  2. Bedroom 12.3%
  3. Living Room 6.2%
  4. Laundry Area 3.3%
  5. Bathroom 2.4%
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Some cause of Fire in your house

Some cause are of smoking inside your own house. Other cause are you leaving your heater somewhere were there is fuel. playing with fire.

fire safety

the must impotant thing about fire safety is that you most always try to keep things that can catch on fire ex: lighter,fireworks,smoking,heater,cooking oil,and gases.