The Gherkin


A famous building in the heart of London.


The Gherkin is a 41 story building in London. The Gherkin was finished in December of 2003,but didn't open to the public until almost half or a year later. The person of commissioned the Gherkin was Swiss Re. Swiss Re sold the building in 2007. The person who designed The Gherkin was Norman Foster. Today the Gherkin is an office building open to the public.
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The Gerkin

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At Night

Did you know?

That some famous television shows and radio shows are filmed at the Gherkin or near it.

Also,some people call The Gherkin,St.Mary.

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My Opinion

I think that the Gherkin is an amazing structure. It is a beatiful building in London. This is one of my favorite buildings or structures by far.

Why I Chose the Gherkin


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