Lombardi's Eagle Flyer

Look below! Watch the science videos we made in class!

Coming Up

  • No School Monday January 18th - MLK Holiday

  • January 22nd - Field Trip to the Jepson Center at the Telfair Museum to see the Monet exhibit. We will leave school at 9:30 and will return around 11:30 or 12:00.

Upcoming Special Snacks

Thank you Tina for the ice cream last week!

1.22 - Jones - National Brownie Day

1.29 - McCorvey - National Chocolate Cake Day

Week at a Glance

Monday - No School - MLK

Tuesday (D)

Wednesday (E)

Thursday (A) - Chapter 8 Lesson 4 Science Quiz and Spelling Quiz

Friday (B) - Chapter 6 Social Studies Quiz (pages 56-68) and Dictation Quiz

From Spanish
- When this A-E week ends, the next lesson your students have in Spanish will be a quiz day.
- It will cover their most recent vocabulary on clothes which they should have their copy of notes they took, and what we are covering this week: opposites/adjectives, and cultural topics (this part will be in English) that we've covered. It will be a written fill in the blank quiz with a word bank.

Reading & Writing

  • Writing a Paragraph-- Main Idea + Supporting Details + Expanding Ideas + Peer Editing + Publishing

  • Scholastic News



  • Unit 5: Fractions, Mixed-Number Computations, and Measurement

Language Arts

  • Weekly Journal and DLR

Social Studies


  • Chapter 8 Lesson 4: Go with the Flow Quiz Thursday (1/21)

    • Vocabulary: pore spaces, rock, porous, water table, runoff, groundwater, drought, flood, vegetation, transpiration,

Social Studies and Science Videos

Social Studies: We have been studying the colonies recently. The video below is about the Middle Colonies! (We reviewed the New England Colonies last week so that would also be a good one to watch, and we will start talking about the Southern Colonies next week.)

Science: The video below is about groundwater and runoff, which is what we reviewed most recently and will start back reviewing next week. There is also a Bill Nye the Science Guy video about erosion, which is always an awesome watch.

Thirteen Colonies: the Middle Colonies
What Is Groundwater?
bill nye erosion