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Caring Tips for Your Sash Windows

Lordship Windows is a leading and experienced provider of Sash Windows in London, UK. Our windows are durable and made of supreme material. They are made to decorate your home for many years to come. Sash Windows by Lordship Windows is a wise home improvement option you will have.

While our sash windows are designed to remain the same all year around, it is suggested to inspect your windows occasionally. To make windows care and maintenance easy, here are a few tips –

· However our Sash Windows are made-up of supreme material, regular cleaning of the windows is often required. Keeping an eye on the windows for damage and ensuring the window is in good condition on a regular basis will help you add grace to your home for a long time. Make sure you clean windows only on cloudy, dry days.

· While cleaning the windows regularly, make sure you are looking for paint peeling, decay and water damage. It will allow you to know whether your windows need major maintenance or you need to call Lordship Windows to do the repair work for you.

· Windows often have to endure different weathers, especially from the outside. Getting your windows re-painted every five to eight years will add more durability to your sash windows. Windows in direct sunlight for most of the time may need more frequent decoration.

· Another important thing you need to look after is the cords of the window. Cord of the window enables you to open the window from the bottom or top. But, if the cord is damaged, it can make it exceptionally difficult to open or close the window. In-case the cord of your window is broken; make sure you call us to make your window function properly.

· Our Upvc Sash Windows are waterproof to ensure your window maintenance process is short and an easy process. The best thing about these windows is that decay on these windows only happens many years down the line and can be easily fixed.

These helpful and effective tips by Lordship Windows will help you keep your Sash Windows look beautiful and shining. Our windows are traditional in design with the modern benefits. They are visually very appealing and can be a great addition to your property when maintained properly. But in-case you find any major damage to your door or window, don’t forget to call us on 0800 0688566. You can also visit us online at or visit our showroom at The Great Cambridge roundabout, 7 Kendal Parade, Silver street, North London N18 1ND to see our wide variety of doors and windows.