MXR Minute

August 19, 2015

MXR News

Great turnout for the Back to School Bash!! We had over 700 students and family members attend. HUGE shout-out to the P.T.O. and all the faculty/staff that volunteered their time for our students.

If you haven't joined the P.T.O., I want to encourage you to be a part of that organization. It is vital to our success and provides many things for our students, faculty, staff, and facilities that we would not typically be able to purchase.

Volunteer training has been a huge success. We have had over 100 volunteers attend training. We are providing that list to the teachers. Thank you for being willing to partner with us to make MXR great!

We will be making some slight changes in the car line, particularly in the mornings. Please work with us and understand safety is our foremost concern. We have many children who are very small and have to consider ways to be efficient and safe at the same time. Please understand that everyone needs to follow the procedures for it to run smoothly. Adjust your schedules if necessary in the morning. Details of the changes are outlined below and will be sent out via other communication methods.

Thanks to all the Pre-K and kindergarten for allowing your students to go to class on their own. I know the beginning of each year brings much anxiety and it's so exciting as students begin their journey. Teaching them responsibility is part of that so I appreciate the understanding and cooperation in this area.

As always, you are welcome to come eat lunch with your child or loved one. We would ask, however, that at the conclusion of lunch you allow those students to return to class with their classmates.

I think we are off to a fantastic start!! If you need anything, give me a call at (256) 851-4600 or send an e-mail to

Thanks and have a great day!!

Mr. O'Rear


Car Rider Line

As you know, we have had some traffic issues on Pulaski Pike due to the car rider line. We are working with the county commission to relieve some congestion on that road. To help with the efficiency of the line, while still maintaining safety, we will implement the following changes.

Everyone must enter and drop off in the car rider line. No parents should use the bus parking lot and walk their kids across. This holds up traffic and if everyone used that area, it would be a disaster. The best way is for everyone to follow the same guidelines. We will be increasing the number of teachers on duty in the morning to assist with this and help students exit their vehicles.

The front parking lot can only be used if you have to go to the office for business or have an appointment. If there are special cases with class projects, presentations, etc. then we will certainly allow that as well.

A few things that will help the line move faster.

- Pull up as far as possible so we can unload the maximum amount of cars.

- If possible, have your child sitting on the correct side to exit.

- As you are approaching the drop off zone, start talking with your child about gathering

his/her things.

- Make sure you have a number and you child knows it. You can get a tag in the office if

you have lost or misplaced yours.

The biggest change in the car rider line will be that beginning Monday, August 31st we will close the car line at 7:42. If you are in line at this time and have not dropped you child off, you will be required to sign them in through the office. School officially begins at 7:45 and students should be in their rooms at that time. We have allowed several days for you to adjust your schedule before we begin this procedure. Please understand we aren't being rude or disrespectful when we close the line, we just have classes that begin at 7:45 and our teachers/staff must be on duty.

We are asking everyone to understand with the size of our school and the vast age differences that we must have procedures in place and everyone needs to follow them for the safety of all of our children. I know this is a change, however, almost all elementary schools in the county have a designated time they close the car line to allow teachers to get to their classes and be certain students who are late are signed in.


FAMJAM is basically a conference for parents. It will be held on September 17th. We will have an opening session at 5:30 that will be high energy and lots of fun. Afterwards, parents will have thew opportunity to attend breakout sessions throughout the building. These sessions will run concurrently from 6:00-6:45 and repeat again from 7:00-7:45. Examples for breakout sessions may include Understanding DIBELS, How to Read ASPIRE home reports, Signing up for INOW Home Portal, Helping Your Child with Homework, etc. If you have particular topics you are interested in, please e-mail Mr. O'Rear @ We want this event to help you and give your resources to help your child be more successful. You will also have an opportunity to sign up for the "Thinking Outside the Box" Initiative beginning in October. Hope to see you there!!


This year, Madison County Schools will be visited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This organization works with schools to provide their accreditation status. One component of this visit is parent input. We need at least 20% of our parents to participate. I have provided the link below. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. We will use this information to guide parts of our Improvement Plan. We have not met our 20% requirement at this time. Your feedback is very important to us!! Thanks for helping keep MXR in good standing!


We will have safety drills next week for our students and faculty. These drills are very important and are required by the state legislature. On the 25th, we will conduct a fire and weather drill. On the 27th, a lockdown drill will be conducted. Please speak with your children about these drills, why we do them, and how important it is to pay attention and follow instructions. Thank you for your help!

Calendar of Events

August 18-21 DIBELS Next Testing

August 20 Progress Reports Due

August 25 Fire Drill & Weather Drill

August 26 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts visiting students during P.E.

August 26 Title I Parent Advisory Committee Meeting- Budget & CIP 6:00 pm

August 27 Lock-down drill

August 27 Title I CIP Review Meeting 9:00 am

August 27 Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts Recruitment Meeting 6:30 pm

September 7 Labor Day

September 17 FAMJAM

September 3 Fall Pictures

September 4 System PD 1/2 Day

September 10 Progress Reports Due

September 22-23 MXR Talent Show Tryouts after school

September 28 Student Council Campaigns

October 2 Student Council Elections

October 5-9 Fall Break

October 15 Fall Make-ups

October 15 Report cards go home

October 21 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 12:45 (all 4th PE @ 11:15, all 1st @ 7:45)

October 22 MXR Talent Show 6:00 p.m.

October 29 Progress Reports Due

November 10 System PD 1/2 Day

November 11 Veteran’s Day

November 19 Holiday Pics

November 19 Progress Reports Due

November 23-27 Thanksgiving Break

December 21 Winter Break begins


At the beginning of the year, we sent home school compacts which basically lists expectations of the school, parents, and students so we can all work together toward success. This a requirement to receive Title I Funding. Please sign and return those so we have them on file. Each teacher is required to hold those in his/her room throughout the year. Throughout the year, we will hold Title meetings and you are welcome to give input related to what is contained within those compacts. Thanks you for partnering with us for success!


As you know, Madison Cross Roads Elementary School is a Title I School. We receive approximately $500,000 of federal funds to implement many of the programs at MXR. We will have a parent advisory committee meeting on August 26th @ 6:00 p.m. All parents are welcome to attend. During this meeting we will review the 2016 budget and our Continuous Improvement Plan. We would love to have input as we design our programs to meet the needs of our students and create an awesome atmosphere for students to learn!! We will also have a meeting on August 27th @ 9:00 a.m. to review the plan.

Parent-Teacher Organization

I want to encourage each family to join the P.T.O. Membership is $5 or $10 per family. All $10 memberships will receive a car magnet with the new school logo. Thanks for supporting MXR!

MXR Social Media and Other Communication

We strive to communicate with our parents as often as possible. We have several ways in which we give information. This section contains links to our website, Twitter account, Facebook page, and physical address and phone number. You may also follow us on Instagram @mxrelementary.

One of the most effective ways to communicate, and it's usually the quickest is through the Remind App. It's a free app and no one can see your number. You will, however, receive texts informing you of the latest information. To sign up text to: 81010 and type @mxra in the message box. It's that easy!!

You can also go to our district website and sign up on LISTSERV. This is an e-mail service.

One last way we communicate is through the use of SchoolMessenger. You may have received a call last week about the water leak. Please be certain all your contact information is correct.

We hope we have provided a few ways for you to gather information about MXR. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!