Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are CRAZY

Who they are

The team that I picked was the Dallas Cowboys.They are a teams from Dallas they are a team in the NFL.I think the are the BEST!

How they became a team

They got there star from storys.They got the star from cowboys.So thats why there name is the cowboys.

Famous for the cowboys

They have broken many many records with Emmet Smith.And Jason Witton he broke his own records.With the most catches for him self.He has about 1,000 catches last year hes a beast.They have the most consecutive winning seasons.They also have the most postseason games than eny other team.Also they have the best franchises.They have played in more super bowls then eny other team.

Extra tidbits

They have a cowboy names Rowdey.Hes there mascot for the cowboys.Also there cheerleaders are the most known.

Team info

The Washington redskin are there biggest rival back then.They evan have a fight song when they vs. the redskins.Also there coach Tom Landry was known for his fedora.It was black

Known for

The cowboys are known for there flashy players.They have a lot of records so thats what makes them good at what they do.Like Emmet Smith he was a legend for them [the cowboys].And thats why they are the most popular team in the NFL.