Geography of Southern Africa

By: Juan 1

Namib Desert

Not one but is THE oldest desert in the world and is only located in Nambia. It is 31,200 square miles along the west coast of Africa. Was very important due to diamonds being found in 1904.

Cape of Good Hope

It is a peninsula of South Africa that is about 100 miles north west of Cape Agulhas. It is important due to the population constantly moving there and is a part of Cape Town.


The largest city in Africa. Is home to over 3 million people. Is very important due to it being very financial,industrial ,and commercial city.

Zambezi River

The 4th longest river in Africa and with a whopping 1,700 miles in length. Is a huge water supply and powers a hydroelectric dam.

Limpopo River

A river that goes through the highlands. Separates the South African province of Limpopo,Botswana and Zambia.


Is the capital and largest city of Zambia. Lusaka is really important due to it being a trade center and huge market of farm products.