Friday Flyer

News for the ELL Team - February 5, 2016

Short, sweet, and to the point

But enough about me...

This flyer will give you the essentials and important updates. We are testing new students fast and furious so it's been hectic (26 since new semester started). Thanks for all you do and for pushing me to do my best!

Have a great weekend and may your favorite team win!


  • We are more than halfway complete on testing. The testing window has been extended to 3/18/16. I firmly believe we will not need that extra time! Are you with me?!
  • Date to receive ACCESS results both printed and online is 4/29/16.

Explore summer program

  • URGENT! Please let me know if you have applied or plan to apply for Explore and for which/both sessions. Also, please encourage any of your fellow teachers who hold ESOL certification or endorsement to apply for ELL summer school. We will be providing ELL services at 26 sites! Now we need teachers! Feel free to give them my contact information if they would like more information.
  • Explore flyers with paper registration forms are being loaded on Canvas. Right now they are in English and Spanish. Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic are in the works. Feel free to share this information with your building staff.

More Interpreters

We have updated the interpreter list to add another Arabic-speaker and another Spanish-speaker. Please use the most up-to-date list in Canvas.

Next Department meeting

Next meeting is scheduled for next Friday, February 12. If you are not still ACCESS testing, please plan to come here to Bentley Administrative Center at 10:30am.