Technology and the Teacher

Sarah Frank, Stephanie Tucker and Toni Vasquez


Glogster is an interactive tool that helps create multimedia posters. These posters can be filled with anything such as telling a story, creating a field trip report, taking notes from a class or presenting a project to a group of people. This influences instruction and learning because it helps build creativity with all subjects in a classroom instead of just one or none at all. There is an application for both Androids and iPhones and is not limited to just teachers, students can utilize this tool whether for school or personal use. They even have nicknames like Glogpedia and Glogging to appeal to students and even a Glogster School to help create these digital posters. Glogster gives teachers an advantage with storytelling because not only is it interactive but there are tons of templates. Teachers are always busy and with everything ready for them, minus the information they need to insert, it gives them a head start and doesn’t leave them panicking over the creativity part. The templates are all click and drag which doesn’t require a teacher to be too computer savvy in order to create a poster.


Teachers often use Popplet for timelines, graphic organizers, and storyboards. Popplet can help children visually learn and put ideas together in different forms to learn. For example taking the letter A and setting it up where they match words that start with A. This can provide effective learning because the students are learning and speaking these common words. Take it as far as what do you do with the apple or where does the alligator go. Popplet is not only a great brainstorming tool it also is an effective presentation tool for educators such as historical timelines and social systems.


Prezi is a free website used to create a fun and creative power point presentation. You can create an interactive learning atmosphere that steps away from everyday textbooks, and allow students to enjoy a focal stimulation that encourages participation and excitement! It can be created on the go from any device because it does not have to be downloaded as a physical file which creates ease of access, not only for educators, but for students and parents as well. In addition, Prezi helps those students that may need a visual learning environment to understand curriculum, and it can be sent home for further studying with parents, which also gives insight into what their child is learning at any particular time during the academic year. Almost all students have access to the internet outside of the classroom, but for the select few that do not have these tools available, Prezi will be presented in the classroom, and can then be printed, so that a physical copy can be sent home if needed which shows the versatility of this helpful classroom tool.

(Photo: Endless Prezibilities, 2015.


Smore is a free tool allowing users to create pamphlets, newsletters, and fliers that are visually stimulating, and can be helpful in an educational setting. The fliers are a fun way for students to lean in a visual way, without having to train their eyes on a computer screen! There is a physical item they can keep and use as reference, that excites them, just as they are excited by receiving a piece of mail addressed directly to them. Smore can be emailed, printed, or posted; creating a plethora of options to reach students, fellow teachers, and parents of students outside of the classroom. This form of presenting is a simple way to communicate actively with parents on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, to keep them informed on what their children are studying. Smore fliers, pamphlets, and newsletters will be e-mailed out to the students, faculty, and parents that have this option available. In addition, there will be printed copies made available and each student will receive a copy to either take home, or utilize personally.


Teachers can use Wideo to peek their student’s interest by using animation in a certain form for learning. I cannot see this being used in the classroom every day for some type of learning process but there is a homework video template that an older student could use for a presentation to the class and it would help that student get their ideas together and their point across for the assignment.


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