It's STEMsational

Stem education is a hands-on approach to education for students of all ages. STEM is "Project-Based Education". Students use science, technology, engineering, art, reading and mathematics to solve problems.

Students learn by ASKing (reflecting on) a question. Then they IMAGINE some ways to address the problem. Once they decide a course to follow they make a PLAN. Next they CREATE the project/solution. They test it and IMPROVE it if necessary. Even our youngest students can follow these steps.

Through STEM (also called MAKER education) students use the things they learn in school and therefore see the value in the learning they are doing. For instance, they may use the measurement facts they learned in Math to find out how much paper is needed to cover a bulletin board. They may have to use science and math to create a paper airplane that flies the greatest difference. They may have to change the shape or add or reduce weight to get the best results. Students can use technology to show data and information in creative ways.

Look for student' STEM projects when you visit Al-Amal School.

This year the students at Al-Amal School are participating in STEM activities. There will be an Engineering and STEM Education student from St. Thomas University working with our students and teachers in March. Parents who would like to be included in promoting STEM education should talk to their child's teacher. STEM Parent Volunteers would assist the teacher in providing project-based education in the classroom.