Pet Day Results

20th October 2022

Pet day ribbons were sponsored by Eltham Vet Services.

All the certificates were sponsored by Print Ready.

Thank you!


Thank you to Farmsource for the prize pack and Print Ready for the trophy – and our secret judge.

Congratulations to Dylan Mellow and his goat Latilda.


Thank you to Lyndon Muggeridge and Amy Cameron for organising amazing prizes for the calf section; and to our judges on the day – Nicola Ashley and Kylee Perrett.

Prizes sponsored by: Eltham 4 Square (Keiran & Nicole Williams), ST Genetics (Dean Quinnell), McDonald Real Estate (Ben Johnson), FMG (Bronwyn Morehu), Taranaki Vets (Mark Hicks), LIC (Irene Barkla), Ballance (Tomiko Mayo), Nutrinza (Sonia Fale) and Moa Milking & Pumping (Nathan & Tania Hitchcock).

Junior calves (5-8yrs)


1st: Holly Van Den Brand and Coconut

2nd: Chad Van Den Brand and Horsey

3rd: Lachie Bishell ad Blue


1st: Hudson Cleaver and Rose

2nd: Ollie Muggeridge and Rosie

3rd: Charlize Luscombe and Lilly

Dairy Type

1st: Ollie Muggeridge and Rosie

2nd: Brock Adams and Smoochy

3rd: Lachie Bishell and Blue

Senior calves (9-12 years)


1st: Isabelle Bishell and Gorgeous

2nd: Ruby Horgan and Ellie

3rd: Aden Van Den Brand and Lollipop


1st: Ruby Horgan and Ellie

2nd: Isabelle Bishell and Gorgeous

3rd: Jake Brady and Stella

Dairy Type

1st: Jack Muggeridge and Daffodil

2nd: Maddie Adams and Lila

3rd: Amber Megaw and Jessica

Overall champion calf: Ruby Horgan and Ellie

Reserve champion calf: Ollie Muggeridge and Rosie

Most enthusiastic: Ellajae Clement and Lucy


Thank you to our judge: Johanna Downs of Parininihi ki Waitotara Miraka Hipi (sheep dairy).

Junior lambs (5-8 years)


1st: Ayla Parry and Mine

2nd: Dylan Dobson and Dottie

3rd: Keely Eliason and Flash


1st: Oliver Robinson and Olive

2nd: Matthew Young and Lamb-Lamb

3rd: Hunter Myers and Rainbow

Senior lambs (9-12 years)


1st: Lucas Hurley and Rose

2nd: Mason Jordan and Lamington

3rd: Honor Espin and Brittany


1st: Lucas Hurley and Rose

2nd: Lucinda Eliason and Fluffy

3rd: Mason Jordan and Lamington

Overall champion: Ayla Parry and Mine

Most enthusiastic: Luke Jordan and Plum

Fastest drinker: Lucas Hurley and Rose


Thank you to our judge: Johanna Downs of Parininihi ki Waitotara Miraka Hipi (sheep dairy).

Champion: James Willson and Felix.

Highly commended: Dylan Mellow and Latilda.


Thank you to our judge: Ivan Willis.


Champion: Airini Graham and Jet

Best behaved: Anika Parry and Queen

Best dressed: Rocco Clark and Leela


Champion: Kaitlyn Harding-Tito and her cat Maddox

Highly commended: Bridgette Bocock and her guinea pig Jeffery

CAGED PETS: Feathered

Champion: Leah Pettit and her chicken Choco

Highly commended: Mia Pettit and her chicken Sunshine

Pet profiles

Thank you to our teachers and SPA members who helped judge.
Thank you also to Mrs Hauparoa and the children who helped display them in the hall.

Prizes were sponsored by Matapu School Parents Assn.

$15 first, $10 second, $5 third, chocolate bars for merit prizes.

Room 1

1st Anya Hunt, 2nd James Willson, 3rd Ashlyn Moore.

Room 2

1st Lucas Hurley, 2nd Amber Megaw, 3rd Aden van den Brand.

Merit: Chloe Blackburn.

Room 3

1st Nahla Hunt, 2nd Maddie Adams, 3rd Meika Burke.

Merits: Kizarna Adams, Mia Pettit, Leah Pettit.

Room 4

1st Noah Oliver, 2nd Jazmyn Scott, 3rd Zaclin Adams.

Merits: Holly van den Brand, Krystal Glasgow, Alisha Robertson, Leo Coley, Awhina O’Brien Thoumine.

Room 5

1st Sophie Barr, 2nd Hudson Cleaver, 3rd Ayla Parry.

Merits: Mackenzie Oliver, Nate French, Zyden Adams, Rhea French, Eden Greenway.

Room 6

1st Maddie Everitt, 2nd Chad van den Brand, 3rd Beauden Espin.

Merit: Theo Joyce.

MATAPU SPA wishes to acknowledge the following sponsors and helpers:

Todd Energy for the amazing barbecue (and all the chefs)

Silver Fern Farms – Brendan Kelly – donating meat

Eltham Vet Services – pet day ribbons

Flojo Coffee – Anita Oliver

Prizes: Farmsource and FMG

School families and Matapu SPA for their generous donations to the grocery raffle

Ballance for the firewood, and Matt & Zoe Boyle for cutting it up

Guthrie Bowron Stratford – lolly raffle

MG Taranaki – Sue Goble – car valet voucher raffle

Families who donated an item to the bake sale

Brent Espin for auctioning the cakes and Moa Milking & Pumping gift vouchers

SPA committee for their work on the day: Angela Burke, Amanda Sherman, Larry Walker, Anna Hauparoa, Katrina Dettling, Melissa Goble – as well as Michelle Pease, Emma Hunt and students who helped on the sales tables – Stefanie, Sydnee, Hudson B

Student photographers: Aroha and Ashlyn

Pet stewards: Lynden, Amanda, James & Melissa – and helpers in the ring: Stefanie, Sydnee and Hudson C

Our amazing teachers for pitching in

And all the families who helped their children take part this year.

Thank you all!