Main Course Choices

Intermediate Choices:

  1. MS Office 365: OneDrive
  2. Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  3. Nearpod
  4. Padlet
  5. iMovie
  6. Sway

COURSE 1: MS Office 365: OneDrive

"The Cloud" these two words have caused some confusion over the last few years as we use "the cloud" more and more. What is the cloud? How does it work? Why do we use it? Is it safe? Where is it located? All these questions come to mind as we learn about the cloud and how it functions .


  1. Watch video about The Cloud
  2. Watch tutorial on Office 365 OneDrive.
  3. Go to and answer the question. Then, comment on two other posts.
What is The Cloud? A Basic Overview | Mashable Explains

Office 365 - OneDrive (cloud storage)

Now that you have access to Office 365, why not store all of your files in the cloud? This, as you just learned, will give you access to all of your files, such as Word and PowerPoint, anytime and on any device that can access the internet.
Office 365 OneDrive Tutorial

COURSE 2: Personal Learning Network (PLN)

PLN - Seems like just a buzz word as specialist and supervisors encourage us to "Grow our PLN". What does that even mean? Why do I have to go outside of my room, my building to accomplish this task?

Join us for a Twitter chat to learn more about what a PLN should look like, who should be in your PLN and contribute to your own PLN.

Date: June 14, 2016

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Moderator: Stacie Boudrie

Hashtag: #TheKHSWay

To help you accomplish this task, learn about Hootesuite. You'll love it!

HooteSuite Tutorial - Basic

COURSE 3: iMovie on the iPads

UPDATE: Due to so much already scheduled, I decided to make tutorials for this course. This will hopefully make things easier since you'll be able to do it on your own time. I'll upload them here within the next two weeks along with an assignment.

This will be a face to face training. I have not set up a time for a training at KHS, but it will take place in August or September. If it is offered by the Digital Learning Dept this summer, feel free to go and I'll give you credit for our KHS Leading Through Learning PD.

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: KHS Library

Sign up in elearning: (not available yet)

COURSE 4: Nearpod

Nearpod is a great tool that allows you to take some control of what your students are viewing while still giving them some freedom of choice and a lot of interaction. Basically, you create a presentation (or upload your existing PPT), share a code w/students and have them all join your presentation. When you change screens, there screen changes automatically. You can also insert engaging activities such as short answer, poll, short quizzes and draw it to keep your students engaged.


  1. Watch the video
  2. Find a presentation in explore you will use in class or create your own.
  3. Turn in your Edpuzzle by copying and pasting the link in to Edmodo under one of the main course assignments.

    I also encourage you to tweet out your example and use the hashtag #TheKHSWay.

Nearpod Tutorial

COURSE 5: EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle allows you to take videos from databases such as YouTube and use them as a teaching tool. You can control students activity and make the video more engaging my adding in a verbal question or share an important detail. You can also insert questions, leave comments to students and monitor if students have watched the video or not.

Assignment: Create your own EdPuzzle to use in your classroom. Turn in your Edpuzzle by copying and pasting the link in to Edmodo under one of the main course assignments.

I also encourage you to tweet out your example and use the hashtag #TheKHSWay.

EdPuzzle - Quick Tutorial

This is a QUICK tutorial on how to use EdPuzzle. If you are pretty tech savvy, you might try watching this video to get the basic overview of EdPuzzle and be ready to make your own.
EDpuzzle Tutorial and Review

EdPuzzle - Longer, more details

This version of EdPuzzle gives you more details and walks you through all of the steps. Need more guidance? This is video will help you. It also moves slower so you don't miss anything.

This video also covers more items such as how to set up a class and assign video to class to collect responses (and grade) from students and monitor progress.

Full Edpuzzle tutorial

COURSE 6: Padlet

Watch the two Padlet videos. The first is an overview of how Padlet works. The second shows you how to create an account. Be sure to select "I'm a teacher" box before creating the account.


  1. View both videos
  2. Create a Padlet for a classroom activity.
  3. Have students complete Padlet activity.
  4. Turn in the student completed Padlet by copying and pasting the link in to Edmodo under one of the main course assignments.
How to use Padlet in the Classroom
Create a Padlet Account Free

COURSE 7: Microsoft Office Sway

MS Sway is a new and unique way to present to your students. Incorporate text, videos, pictures and more. Sway also helps you build your presentation by giving options to search for pictures and videos related to the content you are teaching.

Students have access to Sway as well, so this is also a great way to incorporate technology with students and making presenting fun and interactive. Simply have students log in to their MS Office account (see video for directions) and get started!

Assignment: Create a Sway you can use in the classroom or have students create a Sway. Turn in to Edmodo for credit. You may also share on Twitter using the hashtag #TheKHSWay. (Be sure to follow student's AUP.)

Office Sway 2015 Microsoft Full Tutorial