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Countdown to In Person Learning

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Protocols for Meetings, Common Areas, and Hallways

Dear Tiger Families and Staff

The LTISD Return to School Protocols for COVID 19 have been updated on the district site. I want to encourage you to read the entire document. However, over the next several days you will receive a message (like this one) from me highlighting a specific section explaining how it will pertain to our campus. Today's topic is Disinfecting and Handsanitizing.

Future topics include:

Classrooms and Visitors - Tuesday, September 1st Newsletter
Cafeteria - Wednesday, September 2nd Newsletter
Arrival & Dismissal - Thursday, September 3rd Newsletter
Specials & Recess - Friday, September 4th Newsletter
1st Day of In Person Learning at WCHE - Friday, September 4th Newsletter
Visits to the Nurse - Monday, September 7th Newsletter

I hope you find these messages helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

Melanie Beninga, Principal of WCHE

District Protocols for Meetings

★ LTISD will reduce all in-person meetings and other opportunities for

adults to congregate in close settings.

★ All necessary meetings should be kept to under 10 people and when

possible should be held virtually.

★ Meetings between parents and staff should be conducted virtually,

when possible.

★ The use of virtual meetings/videoconferencing is preferred when

possible, including PTA/PTO meetings, ARDs, LPAC, booster club

meetings and events.

★ Meetings should only be held in spaces where a 6-foot distance is

sustainable for all non-family members to sit.

★ Small meeting spaces should not be a shared space and should instead

be used by individuals.

★ Any meetings that are necessary and cannot be done via electronic

means must meet the following requirements:

  • everyone must follow the mask protocols in this guidance,
  • everyone must remain at least 6 feet apart where feasible,
  • sharing of materials and supplies should be limited,
  • meeting spaces should be considered where the use of dividers and/or increased airflow from the outdoors is possible, and
  • non-LTISD individuals should be permitted to wait in their car rather than in reception areas until the start of the meeting.

District Protocols for Common Areas

★ Campuses will develop schedules and follow protocols for the use of

common areas, including how to sanitize the space between use.

When working in a common area, students should bring personal

supplies from the classroom.

★ The allowable number of students in a common area will be based

upon social distancing practices when possible.

★ Visual reminders will be displayed for social distancing throughout

common areas. Informational graphics and markers will be posted to

help with 6 ft. social distancing.

West Cypress Hills Common Areas

Visual Markers have been placed in the main hallways.

Similar markers will be visible in the cafeteria to assist with social distancing.

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Car Rider Hang Tags

Each Tiger who rides home in the afternoon by car will be provided a Car Rider Number. The vehicle picking up a Tiger should have a rear view mirror hang tag with the corresponding Car Rider Number. Returning Tigers have the same Car Rider Number as in prior years. If your family needs one or more hang tags, they will be available at our drive-by event Wednesday, September 2, from 2 - 4 pm.

The first hang tag is free. Additional tags can be purchased for $1 each. WCHE can accept payment in exact cash or check payable to WCHE.

Checking a student out early

In the event a child needs to be picked up early from school, you will be required to come into the building and present your driver's license to our receptionist as well as sign your student out for the day. It would be helpful to let us know that you are on your way, but to ensure our students are maximizing their learning time at school, we will call your child(ren) to the office once you arrive.

To ensure the safety of our staff, students, and families, one family at a time will be allowed in the reception area. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Items needing to be delivered to a student during the school day

Parents needing to drop off a lunch or other school items to their child(ren) will be able to do so by dropping the labeled item(s) in the drop box located outside the office area.

Labels should include:




Items will be delivered to the students as soon as possible.

And, speaking of labels...

please be sure to label coats, sweaters, and other belongings that your Tiger brings to school to ensure that they won't end up in our Lost and Found.