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Our Cooking Style:

Mediterranean, French country style with strong influences from Alsace,

where I grew up, and Provence, where I cooked professionally. Built on

a foundation of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish, the Mediterranean diet has been associated with everything from increased longevity to reduced cancer risk.

I prefer to start with the best foods I can find, which means fresh, local, seasonal, and whole food Organic Farmers’ Market ingredients for my dishes to be health-conscious and tasty.

We prepare my meals using low temperature cooking so that high heat does

not destroy the nutrients, enzymes and minerals, and I cook on a surface

that does not contaminate the food. I do not use non-stick cookware or a


We can create a Gastro-Chic, “Like-In-France Experience,” with French

cocktails and Platter Service, and conversation and presentations about

French wines, cheeses, cooking and travel.

We can customize my dishes to your preferences, as well as adapt them for special diets and needs.

*Shopping costs will be charged separately as well as liquors delivered by our supplier.

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