Think Before You Drink

How does sugar affect your energy levels?

Materiels used

* 1 Mikayla Walker

* Mt. Dew

* Milk

* Water

* Coffee

* Lemonade

* Orange Juice

Science Fair

My science fair project is on how the sugar in your body affects your energy. It is all about your mom saying, " Don't drink too much Pop!!!" Now, say you wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning and decide to drink a Mt. Dew. Yes it is true that caffine is in there and it may help you wake up but when you get the sugar in your body it is there all day. It can make you want to get up and clean your room. So the next time your mom says, " Don't drink too much pop!!!!" you can say, "Do you want my room cleaned?!?!?!"


Does sugar affect your energy???


My hypothesis is that the sugary drinks will want to make Mikayla Walker want to do stuff

Background Knowledge

I always feel more awake after i drink a sugary drink. So when science fair came around last month i felt i needed to figure out the science behind that.


I had Mikayla drink 1 of six drinks every day. Then she went outside or did her chores. Usually Mikayla takes 20-30 minutes to do her chores, but with her sugary drinks she took 15!!! Mikayla didnt be any different with water and coffee, but the others she did.

Data found Below

Big image
Big image


Mikayla was more energiezed after some of the drinks {thank you Mt. Dew} and wanted to do stuff. My conclusion is: Yes, in some drinks the amount of sugar can affect you.