The Dragons Heir

miles mobley


Author is: Cinda Willams Chima

Pubishler:hyperion times book


Genre: fantasy


My review: The dragons heir is about a dragon who is known as the sneaky dragon because he can make him self seem like hes not there but he cant shoot his flames out its a risky move. tho and he is sneking into th wizard council to take the legendary weapons.

Other peoples reviews:Autumn has descended upon the college community of Trinity, Ohio, bringing with it optimism for many of its residents. For Seph McCauley, Madison Moss and Jason Haley, the incident at Second Sister continues to weigh heavily on their minds. Still recovering from the nearly fatal attack, Seph has been learning to protect himself while helping to monitor Trinity (aka the sanctuary) --- a responsibility that even the most seasoned wizard would have trouble accomplishing. At the same time, he tries to understand why his relationship with Madison has become strained.

Meanwhile, Jason seeks to prove he is a worthy ally (and opponent) by tracking down Claude D’Orsay and preventing the Covenant --- a document meant to keep the balance of power in check --- from being misused, throwing the already problematic wizarding hierarchy into chaos.

When Jason returns from his search in Britain, Seph, Madison, Nick Snowbeard, Jack Swift and Ellen Stephenson are all fascinated by a large opal called the Dragonheart, which is among the treasure he acquired at Raven’s Ghyll. The ancient stone’s effect is strongest of all on Madison, who feels a powerful connection to it. This alarms Madison since all her life she has tried to avoid anything involving magic --- and with good reason.

Madison is from Coalton County, an Appalachian mining community that is a far cry from thriving Trinity. The Moss family has always been considered outsiders, living on Booker Mountain, a beloved and disliked place for her. When Madison was young, her grandmother Min, a fortune teller, told her to stay away from magic, a rule that she promised to keep. However, this didn’t stop the cruel schoolyard taunts and an old-fashioned superstition from labeling Madison as a witch from an early age.

At first, living in Trinity is a welcomed respite from the small-town gossip and overwhelming family responsibilities. Here, Madison hopes to start the next chapter in her life, including pursuing her passion for art. However, her relationship with Seph, the incident at Second Sister and recent developments have made her wonder if the superstition wasn’t completely unfounded.

As the rest of the group is dealing with various problems, personal or otherwise, Madison suddenly goes back home, prompting concern and speculation. Seph is determined to find out the truth behind Madison’s departure and sends Jason to investigate. However, there are added complications, as Anaweir and Anawizard prepare for an epic battle that will have more far-reaching effects than anyone ever could have imagined.

Relationships are tested, strange alliances are made (and broken) and startling secrets are revealed, as THE DRAGON HEIR brings Cinda Williams Chima’s series to a gripping yet bittersweet conclusion that will leave readers wanting to revisit the previous two installments, THE WARRIOR HEIR and THE WIZARD HEIR.

Reviewed by Sarah Sawtelle on August 12, 2008

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