Survival on Another World

Can we survive in space? By Ryan and Austin

What We Need to Survive

There are 4 basic needs to survive. The first is liquid nitrogen (or water), because without it the human body can not last 3 days on Earth, let alone another planet and if there's too much there is no land to settle on. The next requirment for size and structure because if it's too small it can't hold on to the atmosphere or have a magentic field that protects the atmosphere from solar winds. If Earth were much larger the gravity would be too strong and it would not be able to support life.

One of the next neccessities is heat, which a good amount of heat comes from the Sun, but you don't want to be to close to it or you will burn. You also don't want to be to far away from it or you'll freeze. You need to be right in the middle where it's not to hot, or not to cold and it's called the Goldilocks Zone. The final requirment is the right type of atmosphere. The gavitational pull of Earth allows us to form an atmosphere of gasses we need to survive. The magnetic field protects our atmosphere from being blown away by solar winds. Our atmosphere is not overly dense like a gas giant, but not so thin like Mars.

Can We Live on Another Planet

The answer is yes! This is because Mars used to have water based off of the the huge canyons where water used to be. We also have another planet in the Goldilocks Zone that has the right temperature to live on. It's called Kepler 22b. Kepler 22b is still under research, but it has a good possibility of what we can live on.

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