The 18th and 19th Amendment

By: Dennica Van Der Weide

What did the 18th and 19th Amendments do?

The 18th Amendment prohibited the making, selling, and transporting of alcoholic beverages.

The 19th Amendment gave American woman the right to vote. This was also known as suffrage.

18th Amendment ( prohibition)

Prohibition was a movement started by Protestant congregation and women's groups who wished to stop the consumption of alcohol in the United States.

In one year the average person would consumer about 7.1 gallons of alcohol.

People who had supported Prohibition felt that alcoholism could only be controlled by force of the government.

Many people didn't agree with banning alcohol, some of these people include: working class men, Germans, and Catholics. Who had been around it more and it also played a role in their cultures.

The 18th Amendment was put in place to stop the consumption, sell, and buying of alcohol. They felt that alcohol was the cause of many the problems in society. They thought that by banishing alcohol they would solve many problems. But this plan however, backfired because people wanted their alcohol and would go to any lengths to get it. The crime rate increased due to the banishment of alcohol. Bootleggers, speakeasies, government corruptness and the mob all played a part in the increased crime rates.

19th Amendment (woman's right to vote)

Woman's suffrage movement began in 1848 with that pivotal meeting. It was weakened before and after the Civil War. The issue of black suffrage and woman's suffrage and tactical differences divided the leadership.

The 19th Amendment had a huge impact on society. It created a strong influence and it created a cultural impact. I feel it gave women the confidence and the sense that they could accomplish more. The 20's was a time where women started to enjoy themselves more.