Niles New Tech - 11th Grade Update

September 2015

Welcome to Another Year at NNT!

As the 11th grade facilitator team, we wanted to take this time to introduce ourselves, discuss the courses your learners will be taking this year, and some general information from the start of the year!

Culture Project: Sharing Your Story

This year, the theme for the 11th grade is building stories. Throughout culture week, learners looked at aspects of their school culture, their personal learning, and their goals for the future. In the coming weeks, learners will work with their advisory facilitators to create speeches speaking to their future goals and plans, as well as a digital presentation showcasing who they are and where they came from. Throughout the year we are challenging the learners to build upon their current stories in many different ways!

Studio/Course Updates

Civics Lit

This is new course for the 11th grade year integrates the content areas of civics and English, specifically focused in reading. We currently have three project planned for this one semester course: Types of Government/Foreign Policy, Values Principles and Citizenship, and Constitutional Issues.

Currently, we are in the second week of our first project. The learners have begun digging into the various forms of government and have begun reading Animal Farm by George Orwell, which is being read and discussed in conjunction with the civics material. The learners have been challenged to create their own allegory in the form of a children's book that showcases a political system of their choosing.

Be on the look out for further announcements and exhibitions are the learner begin to complete their projects!

Thank you,
Mr. Hawley and Miss Cooney

English 11

Mr. Haimbaugh

Pre-Calculus and Statistics

Mr. Greene

Get To Know the 11th Grade Team

Miss Kristine Cooney

This is my second year at Niles New Tech and second year on the 11th/12th grade team. I am a graduate from Michigan State University with teaching certifications in social studies, history, English, and sociology. This year I am partnered with Mr. Nic Hawley, facilitating the courses Civics Lit and Economics/Sociology.