Green Screen Movie FX

Project by: Emily Lopez

Quick, Simple, Easy to Use

  • Doesn't consume class time with set up and break down
  • Easy enough to teach to elementary aged children
  • Enough options that middle school and high school aged children will still enjoy it

Minimal Impact on the Budget

For a one time charge of $1.99, this app can be used throughout the district on the recently purchased iPads!

Supported by the Professionals

The Green Screen Movie FX app comes highly recommended from Hall Davidson, an employee of Discover Education. According to his biography on, Davidson has teaching experience with middle school and high school students, in addition he taught on PBS for twenty years. In the August edition of The Journal, he highly recommends this app that allows the user to drop “a color out of the background in the video you are shooting and replacing it”. Davidson went on to discuss how he was about to “show a beating heart in the person’s chest and then the brain inside their skull” (The Journal).


I tested out the app in my dorm room by using my purple blanket as the backdrop and the stuffed animal as the subject . In just minutes my stuffed animal had traveled all around the world!

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