Ecological Footprint

Olivia Hartsell

Ecological Effects

Your ecological footprint is your impact as an individual in the environment, and it measures your use of the Earth's resources. Home energy, your food and diet, driving and recycling all effect your impact.

Your Impact

Obviously living in an apartment will decrease your CO2 output. Because apartments are much smaller than the average house, less energy is being used. Your CO2 output in a house can decrease if you install efficient lighting, reduce water use, and unplug electronics not in use. Long term effects include pollution and global warming, and short term effects include forgetting to unplug or eat healthy.

National Averages

Based on my total CO2 emissions, 92 tons, it is below the United States average, but above the world average. According to my lifestyle, the calculations say that the United States average is 160 tons, and the world average is 33 tons. The world's population produces 16 million tons of carbon emissions every 24 hours, and because of this the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere has increased by 40% in the years since the Industrial Revolution.