Ancient India

the ancient india map

the climate in India comprises a wide range of weather conditions across a vast geographic scale and varied , making generalizations difficult.

why is india a subcontinent

India is considered a subcontinent of Asia because it had different geographical features not shared by other Asian countries.

geographical features of India

daily life in gupta empire

the children played with toys such as whistles shaped like birds, small carts to roll down hills, and toy monkeys that can roll down a string! Unlike today, children are amused by television, the Ancient Indians were easily amused by the simplest things, like as I said before whistles.


The Ancient Indians farmed and ate things like grapes, peas, and melons and more. and the Ancient Indians had three meals per day. For breakfast, they ate things like wheat, dates, and water. For lunch, they would have something simple like grapes and melon. For dinner, they would have something like peas, and from their grapes, wine. Of course they would have to be taught this cooking and farming from someone.


The typical house during the time of the Gupta empire was made of bamboo or wood .Many home had only one room, although two rooms or more were not uncommon. Even the nobles and kings lived in wooden houses and palaces. A Gupta village was a noisy place. The streets were narrow with houses on both sides and businesses set up in stalls in the street. People and animals both wandered through it.


The people of ancient India wore some of the same garments that are worn in India today. Both men and women wore jewelry in ancient times as well as today. They made beads from painted clay, strung together to form necklaces and bracelets.They used flowers to make jewelry. Jewelry was decorated with different designs. and These designs are still in use today.