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Kayla Bastanifar; Period~2! What did we do in science?

Earthquakes PBL Project

During the our earthquake unit we did an earthquake project. What we did was build a house for Tony Stark that would be able to withstand seismic activity, and to see if it would stand we did a shake table test. We had to keep the following question in mind during the entire project, how can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark, that can withstand seismic activity? The materials that we were given were clay, toothpicks, popsicle sticks, and string. We were only given a certain amount of each item (except string), so we had to use our materials wisely. We constructed four wall house with a roof that was stuck to a plate by clay, so that the house wouldn't topple. The objects that we used the most were the clay and popsicle sticks, because that was how our house came together. When it came to the shake table test, our house passed because it was safely secured. During the project I learned, the importance of having a secure house, some earthquake resistant technology, and safe areas in California to build homes, where there is not high risk of earthquakes. For example, our house for Tony Stark was located in Calaveras, California because the highest earthquakes they had were between 1.2-2.5. They was also a little chance of earthquakes occurring. (Group below at bottom).
Shake Table Testing Video
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30 Hands

During our atmosphere unit we did a project via 30 Hands where we had to make Pic Collages about questions we were given. Then we had to put it into 30 Hands and record what we wrote down for our script. During this project, I got to learn about different ways humans are putting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the air, and how it is effecting not only us but also animals and ecosystems. I also got to learn the way carbon dioxide and other gasses contribute to the greenhouse effect, which is a "blanket" holding the heat in Earth. As well as the greenhouse effect their is global warming which is an increase in temperature. Carbon dioxide that is being emitted from cars and other things is the main cause of global warming. Fossil fuels, transportation, and factories all let out gasses like methane which also contribute to global warming. The last thing we learned about and wrote about in our 30 Hands was results from global warming, things like ice melting. Aside from that, one of my favorite parts of this project was getting to use three sources of information, textbook, internet, and other non-fiction books. I also enjoyed getting to further learn about this topic, and finding more information than the information that was just from the textbook!
30 Hands Project

Invention Convention

For our invention convention, we have to invent or innovate something that will solve an environmental problem. We have to build our object out of recycled trash, things like water bottles, cardboard, and bottle caps. We are building the Redmill which is multiple fans that are sticking out of a wall. The fans are connected to string which is held down by washers. The fans will then start moving. The wind will be moving two pieces of fabric to make static electricity. It will be stored in the generator which will then give energy to many houses! Our innovation is causing less global warming, because instead of using fossil fuels as an non-renewable energy source, we are using wind which is a renewable energy source. Since our innovation doesn't put any gasses in the air, it is not damaging our atmosphere. Like I said, we are using recycled trash. The materials we are using is cardboard for the wall, plastic water bottles for the fans, and the bottle caps for the center of the fans. I think our innovation was a good idea because we are going to be decreasing or fossil fuels (non-renewable energy sources), and replacing it with wind (renewable energy source).

*Extra Credit* Atmosphere

By far my favorite unit this year was the atmosphere unit, because we were learning about the land around us, and the things that we are doing to hurt it. There is things that people would tell me about the ozone layer that I wouldn't understand, but now that I have read about it I have gained a lot of knowledge and know what they are talking about. For example, people would talk about things like if we don't recycle there will be a hole in ozone layer. Now that I have learned about this information I understand what people are talking about. Another reason I enjoyed this unit was because I learned what gasses a polluting our air which is hurting our atmosphere. During our unit we also got to learn about radiation, conduction, convention, and convention currents. Before, we learned about those, but in this unit I really got to understand it. In this unit, my two favorite labs were the does air have mass lab and the candle experiment. They were both experiments that I learned from. For example, I never knew air had mass until we did that lab.
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