Taylor Lifts

Forklift Rental

We specialize in leasing 20,000-120,000lb capacity forklifts and container handlers. We provide forklift rental services per day, week, month, or longer depending on your needs. Our forklift rental services are applicable for any Taylor series forklifts in stock. Through our forklift rental service you can access Taylor forklifts without buying or investing into new equipment. All our forklifts and used equipment which can be viewed on this site are available for rental.

Please call (800) 833-5498 or email chuck.mathews@taylorlifts.com for forklift rental quote, price and availability.

Monday to Friday : 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m
Saturday & Sunday : OFF

Taylor Lifts

We deal in taylor forklift sales & rentals, used forklifts, forklift parts & lift truck. We buy, sell, lease, trade, & export large capacity lift trucks worldwide.