Al Capone

Criminal, gunman, also known as Scarface

Al Capone's life

Born January 17, 1899. In 6th grade Capone was involved in a fight with his teacher and never returned to school. at young age he became a street criminal, operating his neighborhood. He late became good friends with John Torrio. he later moved to Chicago where john was staying to help his uncle. Johnny and Franklin Uale employed Capone at a sallon or bar, This is where he earned his nickname Scarface by getting into a fight and getting slit with a razor on his cheek.Then he then became a collector or a guy who picks up money from people, he was paid handsomely. Torrio took control of one of the largest crime empires in America, Capone became Torrio's top lieutenant. The Torrio-Capone gang expanded its influence throughout much of the city, taking over less powerful mobs and waging war with rival organizations. Capone often bragged that he "owned" Chicago. To ensure that the politicians who were friendly to his organization remained in power, Capone controlled the outcome of many local elections. Capone's role as a top player in the Chicago underworld was not without risks. On September 20, in broad daylight, several cars stopped in front of the Capone headquarters, gunmen fired into the first floor of the hotel and surrounding shops--all of which were owned by Capone's organization. Eliot Ness (1902-1957) was placed in charge of a Prohibition enforcement team created to bring down Capone. Capone had never filed income tax returns on his vast earnings. In June 1931, the gangster was formally charged with income tax evasion. Capone was sentenced to eleven years imprisonment at hard labor. Released on parole November 19, 1939, Capone suffered from paresis of the brain. He retired to his mansion in Palm Island, Florida, where he died on January 25, 1947.

Three important things about Al Capone:

  • He got the name Scarface from a bar fight, leaving him with a horrifying scar where he never grew hair.
  • After Colosimo was killed and Torrio was shot at he became very powerful
  • After he became The most powerful man in Chicago

AL CAPONE AND THE CHICAGO MOB - (Documentary) History/Mafia
He will be remembered as the greatest and most powerful gangster that ever lived