Dizzy Gillespie

King Of Bop

Early Life

  • Born in Cheraw, South Carolina, on October 21, 1917, full name John Birks Gillespie
  • Dad died when Dizzy was 10, and his family went poor
  • At age 12 Gillespie started play trumpet
  • Gillespie got in trouble at school, but than his teacher Mrs. Alice Wilson encouraged him to be better, and he did


  • Dizzy was fascinated by the way instruments looked and sounded
  • he looked up to many people like his first grade teacher Mrs. Alice
  • he began trumpet when he was 12 years old
  • he got very influenced by his parents
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Time Period

  • He Lived in 1917-1993 (73 years)
  • Lived during the great depression
  • the great depression was a time lots of people lost there jobs and there money
  • He also lived in the 1940 through many wars
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Their Music

  • His sung jazz music
  • Started around 1930
  • made a jazz called bebop ( a style of jazz music)
  • Also did swing
  • American trumpet player, composer, and band leader
  • songs include "Blue'n Boogie", "birks works", "Salt Peanuts", and "Groovin High"

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Interesting Facts

  • Fusing Latin music to jazz
  • Piano studies at home and brass studies in elementary school
  • Trumpet ability's brought him a scholarship to North Carolinas Laurinburg Technical Institute
  • In 1953 someone accidentally bent the bell on Gillespie's trumpet
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