Education weekly news

04/08/2013 to 04/12/2013

Roll out rolled back

No news yet unfortunately.
I'll keep you posted as soon as I have information

Schoolpage Home redirection

What is it?

A member/visitor clicks on the link "See all schools" and he/she is taken to the company page with the filter "train with them" activated

When will we release this feature?

Planned for Roll out of April the 23th

SEO optimizations

Optimization of Trainings' Title

What is it?

Now for not certificate degree a the title will be updated: OrganizationName training: programtitle ==>

  • Before next roll out: Lean management
  • After next roll out: Cegos training: Lean management

What for?

Boost the SEO ranking

When will we release it?

Planned for Roll out of April the 23th

Code rewriting

What is it?
Due to URL changes we have to be sure that redirection to old URL is done to the new URLs.

What for?

Boost the SEO ranking

When will we release it?

Planned for Roll out of April the 23th

Label changes Fromations courtes ==>> Formations qualifiantes

I have to check with Marina & Christopher and i'll keep you informed ASAP

Business model of Leads generation

Decorelate the feature in order to be flexible in the sales process.

So Sales will be able to sell the feature Leads generation separately or in combo with other tabs ;)

Tips Mailing towards School Page administrators

Product initiative in cooperation with marketing

What is it?

The idea is to shoot advices to administrator of School Pages

To do list:

Product action: segmentation of administrators

Marketing action: create the template

A/B testings on wording

Find out how to drive in more traffic to Schoolpage Homepage

Here is the idea.

I'm going to do a test on the menu "Jobs&Training".

I'm going to add a direct sub-entry "Train with them" in the menu to drive in more traffic to the homepage of School Pages

We will see if there is

  • good impact on traffic
  • good impact for you sales when you face clients during an appointment and you try to sell a schoolpage
  • no bad collacteral effects on other items in the menu

Old School profiles migrated towards Schoolpage process

Each 10 or 20 new Old School profiles please send an email to product and support to do the migration