Lins' Updates

October 10 - October 14

Classroom Team Building

This week we have really been focusing on collaboration and team building. We have played several games that got the kids working in teams and thinking as a group. Below are some pictures from our game called "Thumper".
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Safety Patrol

Attached is the schedule that started Monday, October 10th through October 21st. Please know I have a surplus of afternoon patrollers and anyone who was NOT placed on the first/second round schedule will for sure be scheduled on the next two weeks since it is a rotating schedule. Please let me know of any conflicts or scheduling issues that may arise! :)

Thank you!

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Everyday Math - Unit 2 TEST TUESDAY!

We will be testing Unit 2 on Tuesday, October 18th. Some topics on the test include:

  • adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers and decimals
  • multiplying muti-digit numbers and decimals
  • solving magnitude estimates
  • converting between feet, yard, and inches
  • solving number stories
  • writing open number sentences to solve problems

Check out this helpful link for a video on how to help your child learn traditional multiplication.

On the test your child will be encouraged to complete the problems whichever way they know best (traditional or box method)- as long as it is error free and a correct answer! :)

Please know that math homework is an opportunity to practice the skill independently and should not be taking any more than 10-15 minutes. If your child struggles or needs help they are welcome to come in any morning and meet with me!

Literacy & Writer's Workshop

We have had an INCREDIBLE week of learning - I have been so proud of the behavior choices and academic focus I have seen! This week we analyzed similarities and differences between Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. This was a really powerful process for them as they not only had many "light bulb" moments of connections between these two leaders, but also were able to draw connections back to our previous discussions about Mother Teresa.

The kids have done a great job taking ownership of their person that they are writing a biography on in Writer's Workshop. I assigned the kids the daunting task of reading a book (gasp! The WHOLE thing!) about the person they were researching. For many of them, the content of the book gave them a solid base to start digging deeper into that person's life while also strengthening the student's understanding of HOW that person's actions/decisions may have changed the world. The theme of "change" was not something typically written in their books, so the kids had to think deeply about the impact their people have made. We are currently knee deep in the drafting process and we are focusing on putting notes into an entertaining, yet factual biography.

Social Studies TEST MONDAY!

Your child should be coming home with a review packet for their social studies test on Monday. We are currently in a rotation schedule for social studies, so any questions please direct to Ms. Hahn at


Monster Mash - Thursday, October 27th 6:00-7:30

Tickets are available in advance for $1 each OR $1.50 at the door the night of the event. If you are buying tickets in advance from me, PLEASE send exact money as I do not have access to change!

If you're interested in helping out with the event please feel free to send in soda, water, pre-packaged treats, pretzels or chips. Any and all donations are appreciated.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Scholastic Book Orders

Please keep an eye out for Scholastic Book Order forms throughout the school year. Scholastic is a great way to order quality, high interest, (and cheap!) books for your child. Order forms will be due the last week of every month. If you would prefer, you can easily make online orders - simply use our classroom code P7Y3G. Check out for easy ordering directions!

BOOK ORDERS FOR OCTOBER due by October 24th!

District Referendum

Want to know more about the District's November 8 referendum? Click Here

Important Dates to Remember

High School Band Visit - (travel to the high school during school for a preview) - Thursday, October 20th

Band Sign-up Night - Wednesday, October 26th from 3:15-7:00 at Luther Elementary

Fall Break - Thursday 10-28 through Monday 10-31