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Second Generation Immigrant Students are at the edge of the Success in the USA

In the USA, more and more immigrant people will be available as US is a perfect place to be settled. They try to study over there because the education system in the US is not a cup of tea of everybody. A recent reveals reveals that second generation immigrant students perform better in education than the first generation and even third generation immigrant students. Second generation immigrant students were found to outperform first-generation students on standardized tests. They also earned better grades than their third-generation peers.

Some issues have been raised against the immigrants, which has been coined as “immigrant paradox”, which meant the immigrant people start to show dicey behaviors involving the rising drug use and brutality over consecutive generations.

However, it was unclear whether this “immigrant paradox” thing is applied to education or not.

But the people of the second generation are more optimistic and this attitude of the immigrant parents and having contact to more sources than their first-generation peers, the second generation of immigrants performs their best in education than their first generation.

As per the research of the US Census Bureau, immigrants are of 25% of the US population in past 18 years. Previously, immigrant people faced a lot of disadvantages, including availing to good education - the public schools they often use to go were not the best ones. Immigrant kids were also more likely to live in paucity and experienced discrimination.

What are the immigrant merits and favors of the second generation?

But despite of these difficulties, immigrant students were doing well in education.

The advantage which favored second-generation immigrants like kids born in the US with at least one native US parent and students born outside the US are over both first-generation and second generation, third-or-later–generation students are those born in the US with US-born parents.

Why immigrant advantage stronger for Asian-Americans kids?

Survey says, the immigrant advantage was greater for Asian-American people than for other immigrants, it is because many Asian immigrants came to the US with more resources than other communities. Good or bad to know, the benefit was also stronger among inferior communities.

In another way, we can say immigrant students perform better likely because of their positive attitudes. Immigrants evaluate their circumstances with their living lifestyle in native country which allow them to be positive about their condition. The forfeit that their parents have made to provide them a better life, as well as high potential from parents also inspire their accomplishments.

The Risk Factors:

In the meanwhile, risk factors which take a payment on the engagement and success of non-immigrant people, such as poorly resourced, vicious and drop out of the schools, also create unhealthy situations on the engagement and success of immigrant students. As a matter of fact the immigrant students are highly diverse in their English skill, language and culture of origin, parental education as well as their socioeconomic conditions. These create risk factors in high rates, which immigrants have to pay.

But second generation immigrants in the US are far away from this and they are at an edge of the education now.

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