Alfred Deakin

Information Report

Alfred Deakin

Born-August 3, 1856 Melbourne

Died- October 7, 1919 South Yarra Melbourne

Spouse ( Wife)-Pattie Browne

Children- Vera Deakin, Stella Deakin, Ivy Deakin

Previous Offices-prime Minister of Australia ( 1909-19190

Alfred Deakins Daughters ( Listen carefuly)

Fact File on Alfred Deakin

  • Alfred Deakin was an Australian politician and was a leader of the movement for Australian federation and later the second Prime Minister of Australia.

  • Deakin was a lawyer who liked dabbling in politics. In the late nineteenth century, Deakin spent 20 years in colonial politics.

  • Alfred was educated at the Melbourne Church of England Grammar School and the University of Melbourne, from which he graduated in law in 1877. He was admitted as a barrister in 1878, but finding little work, became a journalist with the age newspaper.

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Alfred Deakins Family

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