kids in war

carlos garcia & solomon ramos

Kids In War

Kids join war because they are forced into it, not because they choose to be. They get forced to be there because when there found in their home, they take them away from their family. They make the kids kill other innocent people because the kids are drugged off of cocaine and being forced to kill .

druged out child soldiers

the older soldiers take over the kids soldiers by drugging them out and giving them guns so they could begin killing. they stuff cocaine in the childs and send them of to war the older poeople dont really care about the kids they dont care if they die ,they dont care how much drugs they use to drug them out they give a less f*** about those childs

people will do any thing to survive

Grown ups , rather send kids to war so the grown ups could stay alive theyll send the kids drugged out , they dont even have an i dea of what there doing to these childs their really hurting there self two ."suddenly two men put us at gunpointand mentioned, with their guns, for us to come closer. we walked in between two rows of men carrying machine guns, AK-47, G3s, and RPGs."

This shows that in war people will treat kids the wrong way .

he took a drink from his water bottle and threw the remaning water at my face . " you will get used to it, everybody does eventually" kids been threated so wrong them days .