Health Concerns

By: Toni Larsen


  • Awareness of mid-range sounds develop
  • Followed by high & low range awareness
  • Age 11- has auditory awareness of adults
  • Ear infections can be a problem
  • Untreated ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss.
  • Ear infections decrease due to body changes


  • Age 6 most are ready to read
  • Many are Farsighted & close-up vision improves
  • Ability to focus improves
  • Nearsightedness is the most common vision problem
  • Regular vision tests are important to catch problems
  • Close-up work and reading leads to nearsightedness
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  • Begin to lose baby teeth
  • By age 12 all permanent teeth are in
  • Common problem is tooth decay
  • Poor hygiene habits/a lot of sugar cause cavities
  • Need regular dental check ups
  • Facial bones grow to accommodate for the lager teeth.


  • common age problem
  • over weight kids often lack self esteem
  • they are teased/ made fun of by other kids
  • impacts emotional health
  • can be inhered
  • due to physical inactivity
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