KARH Wars 2017: The Kye Awakens

KARH State Housing Conference

KARH 2017 - YouTube


Friday, Feb. 10th 2017 at 4pm to Sunday, Feb. 12th 2017 at 3pm

Bellarmine University

The KARH State Housing Conference occurs every year under the Kentucky Association of Residential Halls. Murray State takes a group of young housing leaders to help their growth in their leadership while in their collegiate experience.
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National Communications Coordinator

Hey friends!

I'm Beth the National Communications Coordinator (NCC) for Murray State University, as known as the VP of Leadership and Development for RCA. Through RCA we get to take campus leaders to conferences to help them grow in their collegiate experience.

I want to be able to take as many leaders as I can from every college on campus.

If you have any questions throughout this process just shoot me a quick email or you can always come to RCA every Monday at 5pm Barkley Room third floor of the Curris Center.