Robert Edward Lee

by: Lilly West

A moral man with integrity and honor

Famous Quote

"The education of a man is not complete until he dies"

- Robert E. Lee

Basic Information

Birth: January 19, 1807.

death: October 12, 1870 in Lexington, Virginia.

Relationship: Mary Anna Custis Lee, married 1831-1870.

Religion: a devout Episcopalian.

Hometown: Stratford, Virginia.

Political Views: Lee in his own words said "slavery as a institution is a moral and political evil."

Friends Corner

The Wall

  • April 18, 1861 General Lee was offered field command of the United States Army, but the next day Virginia succeeded from the Union. Lee knew he couldnt fight his family and friends so he accepted the command of Virginia Army.
  • Battle of second Manasses Lee took the offensive, and ended the threat to Richmond Virginia defeating John Popes Army.
  • Battle of chancellor ville April 30 to May 6, 1863, between Union Major General Joseph Hooker's Army and a Confederate Army 1/2 the size lead by General Lee, known as "Lee's perfect battle".
  • Named Commanding General of Confederate Army. February 6, 1865. Lee was by far the right choice to lead, but even with his great victories, Lee had to know that the war could not last much longer.
  • April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered to General Grant. Lee rejected the proposal of a sustained insurgency against the North and called for reconciliation between both sides.
  • After the war, Lee became president of Washington and Lee University. Lee continued to fight for reconstruction of the Union.

Personal Information

Career: Robert E. Lee was a Confederate General in the Civil War and led Confederate troops against the Union Army.

Interest/hobbies: His dedication and commitment to the Military.

Major Accomplishment: Being a great confederate general in the American Civil War.

Contact Information: Address: Arlington House 321 Sherman Dr., Fort Myer, Virginia.