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Conversion of queue manager names

Are object attributes in PCF commands italics. The length of their names is not limited to eight characters, so that they are easier to understand. The used Method differs from the, for the because it gives for each queue manager a large customer queue management number of other objects may, even if there are only a few queue managers per system. Only process definitions, Queues and lists of names are displayed in the file system; these considerations do not apply to channels. When a new name is generated by the conversion process, is no direct relationship to the original object name.

For more information on Escape PCF commands, see the Series Programmable System Management. Explanations on Series file names Each Series queue, each queue manager, each registered list and each Process object is represented by a file. Because it is object names is not necessarily valid file names, convert the Queue manager the object name into a valid file name if necessary. The path to a queue manager directory is composed of the following parts:A prefix- the first part of the customer queue management This prefix is defined in the configuration file of the queue manager. A literal commands Chapter.

An introduction to Series administration A coded queue manager name; which is composed of the queue manager name created valid directory name by a conversion. From the Queue maintain queue arrangement manager name Queue manager is, for example, the directory name customer queue management This process is called name translation. Conversion of the queue manager name In Series, the name of a queue manager can be up tocharacters long. The name of a queue manager may be given as follows: Represented by a file, and both the maximum length of a file name maintain queue arrangement and for the characters of the name may contain, there are limitations. For this reason, the name of Files that represent objects, automatically converted to give them the Fulfill requirements of the file system.

In the example, the default prefix is provided, the queue manager name to The conversion algorithm also allows for file systems customer queue management without taking into account the upper lower case a recognition of names that differ only in uppercase lowercase differ. Explanations on Series nameSeries for Compaq OpenVMS Alpha, Version Release System Administration Conversion of object names are not necessarily valid file names. Therefore, the object name must be converted if necessary.
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