Workers - Transcontinental Railroad

By: Hi Bye


After 1865, there were a ton more railroads being built. The first completed railroad went from coast to coast across the continent. It was completed in 1869.



There were Irish, German, and Chinese workers. About 5,000 helped make the railroad. They thought that because the chinese made the Great Wall Of China, that they could help and build the railroad. Germans and the Irish were great workers too.

Why they went west?

As the westward expansion went on, they would need some sort of transportation to go the distance. So, they decided to make this transcontinental railroad. They had to get it all planed out, and all the workers there to make it. It was probably really hard to get set up.

What the workers did

These workers worked very hard, and had to build these railroad tracks all by hand. It took about 3 years to finish making the railroad that went from coast to coast.
Building the Transcontinental Railroad