Texting Etiquette

Impress others with your manners and ability to communicate

Face-to-face communication is still important!

Texting does not take the place of sharing time with others. Make sure to find time for face-to-face communication with the people in your life.

Keep texts short and to the point.

If your conversation requires a lot of explanation, there is nothing wrong with picking up the phone and actually talking to the person with whom you are communicating.

Don't engage in rude or hurtful behavior.

Make sure you are not texting something unkind to someone else. Also, make sure that you are not excessively texting when you are with others or at a public place/event with your family. That can lead to hurt feelings.

Texting while angry is NEVER a good idea.

Texting is not an appropriate way to tell someone else you are angry. You may later regret what you sent. Talk to a person face-to-face about your feelings.

Understand that texting is a privilege.

If you choose to engage in texting behaviors that are not appropriate, you must be aware that there could be serious consequences for those behaviors.