Ready for the Road Ahead?

Stanton Elementary 2022-2023 Volume 9

A Moment with Mrs. Miller

Last month we spent time reflecting on gratitude, and this month our focus shifts to gifts. Not the gifts that you buy and give, but the gift of learning and growing our minds and bodies. Your children are a gift to us and we hope that you open conversation and explore their learning. We want to be a partner with you in teaching and growing. We realize each gift is different and unique, and that is what makes learning so much fun - we can all share our gift and bring joy to others. Each day when your child comes in from school, ask them questions such as:

1. Tell me about the best part of your day.

2. What was the hardest thing you had to do today?

3. Did any of your classmates do anything funny?

4. Tell me about what you read in class.

5. Who did you play with today? What did you play?

6. Do you think math [or any subject] is too easy or too hard?

7. What's the biggest difference between this year and last year?

8. What rules are different at school than our rules at home? Do you think they're fair?

9. Who did you sit with at lunch?

10. Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?

Are you interested in competitive chess?

Midland is having a chess competition that you can register and attend. The cost is $10, and all information is linked above.

Upcoming Events!

Stanton Elementary and Middle School Gifted and Talented Nominations

Thursday, Dec. 1st, 8am

This is an online event.

If you would like to nominate your child for GT, please complete the form and return to

Characteristics of GT students are:

  • Unusual alertness, even in infancy
  • Rapid learner; puts thoughts together quickly
  • Excellent memory
  • Unusually large vocabulary and complex sentence structure for age
  • Advanced comprehension of word nuances, metaphors and abstract ideas
  • Enjoys solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles
  • Often self-taught reading and writing skills as preschooler
  • Deep, intense feelings and reactions
  • Highly sensitive
  • Thinking is abstract, complex, logical, and insightful
  • Idealism and sense of justice at early age
  • Concern with social and political issues and injustices
  • Longer attention span and intense concentration
  • Preoccupied with own thoughts—daydreamer
  • Learn basic skills quickly and with little practice
  • Asks probing questions
  • Wide range of interests (or extreme focus in one area)
  • Highly developed curiosity
  • Interest in experimenting and doing things differently
  • Puts idea or things together that are not typical
  • Keen and/or unusual sense of humor
  • Desire to organize people/things through games or complex schemas
  • Vivid imaginations (and imaginary playmates when in preschool)

UIL A+ Academics Meet

Friday, Dec. 9th, 8:30am

Stanton Elementary

Dec. 9 is a student holiday to allow for UIL. ONLY 2nd-5th graders who were selected for UIL teams will come to school this day. (If your student is only competing in Writing or Spelling, they will NOT attend Dec. 9, as their competitions were held previously.)

If your student is competing in an UIL Event on Dec. 9, please look for a note that will be coming home regarding-- arrival & dismissal times, lunch, & transportation. Please return this note ASAP.

Spelling will be held on Dec. 5 (during school day)

Jingle Jog

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 5:30pm

705 Koonce Street

Stanton, TX

3-4 will perform and ALL students will be allowed and are encouraged to do the Jingle Jog portion. This will be a family participation event, so bring your whole family for a night of fun!

Early dismissal

Friday, Dec. 16th, 1pm

Stanton Independent School District, TX, USA


Winter Break

Monday, Dec. 19th, 12am

Stanton Independent School District, TX, USA


The Winter Break begins December 19 and goes through January 2. Students return to school on January 3, 2023!

2nd semester events on calendar

January 30-February 3 - Book Fair

February 7 - Reading Interim

February 8 - Science Interim

February 14 - Math Interim

March 7 - Reading Benchmark

March 8 - Science Benchmark

March 13-17 - Spring Break

March 21 Math Benchmark

STAAR - Reading April 18

STAAR - Science April 25

STAAR - Math May 2

Field Day - May 19

Counselor Corner

Character Education

We will be focusing on the character trait Generosity during the month of December. This is the perfect time of year to use your time & talents to help others. As a family, think of ways you can help others.

đź–¤Mrs. Shafer

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