Pride of Baghdad

Writer By: Brian K. Vaughan


Freedom- the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Allegory-a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Symbol-a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.

How Pride of Baghdad is an allegory

The writer (Brian K. Vaughan) just want to tell us about the war/story through a animals preservative.He probably thought it was important for everyone to know.


a) He is very mean and rude but if your nice to him hes nice to you.

b) Fajer symbolize Sadaam Hussein

c)Freedom to Fajer means that if hes in control hes to rules thing so that is his freedom

d) Heh " King of the beasts."Id say there been a regime change yes.Fajer runs everything ,everything is going to go his way

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a) Zill is strong and he can fight others .He's sees the good and bad of freedom but choose to free of the cage or zoo.

b) Zill symbolizes the father figure/Iraqi citizen

c) Freedom to Zill isnt that much.He just wants to be from the cage

d) We're free. Now the Zill can do what he wants because he's out of the zoo.

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a) she's a bit strong and she doesn't want to be free. So like her life the way it is.

b) Safa symbolizes the sunni Iraqi

c) Freedom doesn't mean anything .Freedom to her is bad thing ,its a punishment in her eyes because of the stuff that had happened in her past .So she feels safer in the cage.

d) " keep pushing and you'll end up like the chimps back there". The animals that are free are don't have the freedom ,Safa freedom is in the zoo

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a) She just wants to be free as soon has possible.She making plans so everyone can be free.

b) Noor symbolizes Shia Iraqi

c)Freedom to Noor means a lot for her freedom is the best thing that can happen to her .She wants to be free and do what she wants.

d) "not when the liberation is with in our reach ". " Freedom can not be given it has to be earned". You have earn what you want ,you can just have it .

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a) Ali doesn't know much of things that happening .He just know that freedom is a good thing.

b)Ali symbolizes the young Iraqi

c) Freedom to Ali is that they will become the kings not the zoo keepers. Everything will be there way.

d) " Mom, says its a jungle out there, were going to be kings. This quotation means that when they leave the jungle they are free.

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a)He seem very sad and terrified to get the keys or to help Noor.

b)Antelope symbolizes terrified Iraqi

c) Freedom for the Antelope is to save others so they can have the freedom.

d)"Save the platitudes for your cub".This quotation means so save other animals so they can be free.

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a) He remembers his family and misses them so now he doesn't care about think any more.

b)Turtle symbolizes the wise old man

c) Turtle doesn't feel free anymore because to him freedom means to be with his family and enjoy the freedom together as a family

d) " There black stuff under the earth boy".This quotation means that black stuff under earth killed his family which stopped his freedom .

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Final Thoughts and Reflection

a) Freedom to me means to do what you want .To have the rights to speak or too act to please .I have the liberty to do what I want .I have the freedom to go where I want or whenever I want .Some time we have to go to school even though we don't want to go but we still have to go. Some time we have to follow the rules or regulation of our parents even though we might not want too.

b) I think Brian K Vaughan tells the story in an animals perspective because I think he thought it would be more interesting to read and proper for some of the moments. If it was animal then students would read it more and have more interest .Also to show how different they look , thought , action , what they want.

c)I think it can be effective because the people against each other didnt think that the people they were against were human too.They ignored the part .The animals show that they dont think of each other the same.