Andrews study guide

andrew seaback


Personification-having human like characteristics. Simile- comparison between 2 things using like or as. Metaphor- comparison not using like or as. Hyperbole- I'm so hungry i could eat a horse. Theme-the main idea and the authors message.


A.telling a story. B.IV. Biography- written by them. Autobiography- written by another person. Memior- a biography or biograpic sketch. Personal Narritive- one memory.


They are peices and they are important because they put the story together.


It is 1st person, 3rd person limited, and 3rd person omnicent, it tells how the characters talk.


A. When something is inferred, you tell somebody or something, it is important because alot of drama needs to be spreaded. B. They are text to text, text to world, and text to self, to connect with different people. C. Main idea can pull direct quotes, and summary you put the main idea in your own words. D. You must figure out theme by yourself.


A. Comparitive- you compare using more or less Superlative- you compare using most or least. B. The ones that fall out the sentences. C. Will begin with a preposition and end with nouns, pronouns, and gerund. D. Simple sentences are called independent clause and compound sentences use 2 independent clause it con tains a verb and subject. E. When subjects and verbs must agree with each other.


When a bunch of problems are spreaded. The characters are fighting.