LEWIS AND CLARK By Richard Kozar

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Early Life

Lewis And Clark Early Life was That Clark Was born in 1770 In August 1 in Caroline country Virginia. And Lewis was born In the year 1774 August 18 In Locust Hill Virginia very long time ago Meriwether lewis William clark And several dozen other men who join the adventure came to be known as the corps of discovery Lewis And Clark were former soldiers but several of the men in their party had no military background at all The entire length of the corps of discovery's 28-month 8,000-plus mile trip.
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  • Sacagawea with Lewis and Clark at Three Forks

The Adventure Begins

on July 5 1803 Lewis said farewell to Jefferson in Washington dc and headed west over the mountains to Pittsburgh. Then Lewis and Clark were exploring they were brave! to go exploring by them self's the need water to drink and they need food to eat so the went to a river and drank water and they killed fish to eat with a spear then one day they meet a Sacagawea and she told them were to go she had a baby she told them that they need to go over the rocky mountains and they had to go over a huge lake.

The Final Push

They made it hey were happy thanks to sacajewa she helped them she told them where to go it was a long trail to walk and sail with there boats not by there self's 35 men came with them to explore some time's they would tie ropes to the boat and pull in the water in 1806 they made it to the pacific ocean in 1809 lewis died and in 1838 clark died they made it back.

In To The Wilderness

Lewis And Clark were half way to get to there destination then they came up and meet Sacagawea they told her to come with them so she did she to them were to go and she was a Intrpeder she had a baby on her back but she still!went with Lewis And Clark she was very brave to go with them even when she had a baby on her back she told the native. Americans that Lewis and Clark were friendly sometimes they would have to kill there own dogs it was not easy for them sometimes it would very sunny or sometime there would be hail it was very hard

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Exploring The Missouri River

One Day President Thomas Jefferson Told Lewis And Clark to go explore the Missouri so they did one guy from the expedition wrote a letter to there parents and said i am on a mission with Meriwether Lewis And William Clark And i am Going To Get Paid $15.00 dollars each month. Then they staid with the native american's they Gived them food and water to drink they also Gived them animal skin for jackets or shoes.