My robot Atombee

By:Erick Seabrook

Who made him and his purpose

A man named Carlos Pena created him.He dreamed that two of his favorite robots could combine to make one ultra bot.His purpose was to defend and help people.

What he looks like

My robot looks like a combination of bumblebee and atom from real steel.He has atoms facial features and bumblebee's speed and strenghth.Also atom's fighting skills to defend him self .

What he can do

He can move all joints in his body at a 120 degree angle.This robot has feel sensors in his body to allow him know and feel the texture of things.There are some advantages to having him he can reach tall things and move heavy things.The disadvantages are he may not do things exactly the way you ask.He can basically work as a big police officer who transform into vehicles and other objects.this robot can have a positive impact on people because it acts toward people in a friendly way.

How he might change in the future

In the future he may be altered to fight in the war on america's side the nation he was made in.This robot can also build things just by a command.
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