Impact of Home Schooling!

College of Dupage/Fall 2015 by Lateefah Steward

Prepared for: Elizabeth Anderson/English 1102

Millions of children are home schooled across the world.. Parents have been home schooling their children since the 1900's and the numbers are increasing. Some parents believe that they are protecting their children from the negative traps in the world. They believe that home schooling will shield their children from drugs, sexually immorality, alcohol, and other bad influences.

Home schooling is a growing interest and is an important decision that affects the entire family. Their are children with special needs and home schooling is more suitable for them. What ever the reason maybe, parents are able to give their children this one-on-one teaching with love and care.

According to the statistics listed it is also a sacrifice for families finances, as they may experience a income cut to home school their children.


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Research questions???

1. How are home schooled children performing academically?

2. Are they social misfits like people perceive?

3. Do they have better moral beliefs than those public schooled?

4. How are the homeschooled children impacted emotionally and socially?

5. How well do they transition into adulthood?

Purpose statement

All of the above questions were answered through my research. As shown above, home schooled children perform quite well academically, they are not social misfits even though they do not trust strangers easily, many do prosper well in society and transition to healthy and mature adults.

Research Methods

I choose to retrieve all of my information from the College of Du Page's Library database. I selected material that was scholarly, peer reviewed, and reliable. Like anything that I am learning for the first time; it was challenging, but once I learned to navigate through it, I found NoodleBib to be a very helpful tool. Once I completed my notecards, making the outline was helpful and transitioning it to Microsoft Word was a good experience. I would use these resources again to complete another project!


Overall the interviews displayed evidence of a strong relationship between the child and their parents. Each young adult experienced some transitional challenges as the moved on their own, but they reflected positively on their homeschooling eperience. The homeschooling had such profound effects on them and this is one of the reasons that they planned to homeschool their children for some of their K-12 education. As parents the best thing that we can do, is to establish a strong relationship that is built on love, respect, and trust with our children and instill values and beliefs that will help them to grow and prosper in life