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Hey Generation Bold!

First of all, thank you to everyone who came to the iGIP Weekend last Sunday. I had a great time discussing, analyzing and collaborating with all of you. Your insights are so important and valuable to me and the way that iGIP is being run :)

I've added more than just an analysis to this email because we discussed a lot of important initiatives during the weekend that I want to keep you updated and engaged about :)

Enjoy reading!


Link to Sessions


If you notice, there are sessions there that we did not get to have. That's because majority of you guys were late. Only Valery was there at 9 in the morning. Thank you for being on time Valery and Ernesto as well for being there early. I had to move the sessions later and later and we ended up missing 3 sessions in total. I don't want to see that happen again. That is unprofessional behavior and that is not the type of leadership we want to create in the world. The thing is, this isn't the first time this has happened. This happened during the first iGIP Weekend (day 1, day 2 and the one we did with CLPA). It also happens every time we have Calling Hut. These are not ONE TIME OCCURRENCES but the CULTURE that we have developed in iGIP.

If I was in a company, I wouldn't want to work with AIESEC knowing how unprofessional the behavior is. We may be trying to provide professional leadership experiences for other people but it starts with us. If we cannot be counted on to be on time, then how can we fulfill the responsibility of developing leadership in young people all over the world? How can schools, institutions and corporations rely on us to bring people from all over the world? We're late for meetings and we're late in delivering the products to them as well.

I expect better next time. We are iGIP. We are Generation Bold. I expect the BEST and nothing LESS from all of you because I know you are more than capable of giving that 100%. This cannot be the iGIP we pass on to the next term.

Ideas for Implementation

1. School Campaign: We will get a list of all the schools where AIESECers in Peru studied for primary school and high school. I need one volunteer to run this campaign with me!

2. New Training for new members: Who wants to help facilitate and deliver sessions? Email me!

3. Area meetings: network meetings with everyone present every two weeks! What do you think? This will happen virtually and in person if we can manage everyone's schedules.

4. Market Research: CLPA to share information with us on their format for market research. Also, please email us with your feedback for the market research: julio.benitez@aiesec.net and julia.chu@aiesec.net

5. Utilize online job search websites to look for job demand in the Peruvian market.

6. Calling Cards and synergy points with corners


I will be upgrading the member rankings at the end of the month so if you haven't updated your nimble yet, please do so before November 1.

Criteria to be a Junior Seller

Sales 1.0

5 calls/week

2 meetings/month

So far, there are 3 people who are almost qualified for this but they are lacking some things on nimble. Please fix the status of your accounts on nimble so I can upgrade you.

Edgard Mejico, Veronica Mendo and Ernesto Segura.

If you want to find out more: http://juliach8.wix.com/igip1314#!order/c1moz


List of Inactive Nimble Users

Karla Quevedo

Andrea Oviedo

Walter Esteban

Domenica Obando

Rose Ramirez

Milagros Cervantes

If you find your name listed above, you have 5 days to put your accounts on nimble. By November 4, 2013 (MONDAY), if you still do not have any accounts on nimble, your account will be deleted. I will wait until 6pm on Monday. After that, no more excuses. It's been more than two months.

If you do not know how to use nimble, please contact your VP or me for help. You may also consult the nimble infographic found both on our FB group and on the iGIP WIX (juliach8.wix.com/igip1314). All the instructions can be found there.


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Alarming Performance

This past week has been nothing short of a disaster. Only one person had moving accounts. Thank you Klaudia! For the rest of you guys, I know that you have had exams but remember, PEOPLE SELL TO PEOPLE.

In the same way that you cannot put your friends and family on hold, you cannot just IGNORE our partners and much worse, POTENTIAL PARTNERS, when you are busy. Remember our session on time management. We cannot put people on hold. Treat them how you would want to be treated.

I expect to see a bright green pipeline next week. I know you can all do it. iGIP1314 is Generation Bold and being bold does not equate to mediocrity and half-baked efforts. I want to see excellence because I know that is what YOU are all capable of. We can do this. We promised. This is our leadership promise to a generation.


Call for ideas!

Where do you want our iGIP Team Building to be?

What do you want to do during our iGIP team building?

Who wants to help me plan it? I need one volunteer! <3

Answer this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iitBxb7sDYbUmIyWZLR0VJmwXLRoaHyslSlZX7ZMFeE/viewform

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