Mama played baseball

By: David A. Adler

Kara Hernandez

I like this book because it was about baseball and I like baseball and I was very interesting.I recommend this book to people who are interested in mama played baseball.This book is about a mom and her daughter and the dad went to war and the mom needed a job so to get it off her mind her and her daughter went outside and they were throughing the baseball back and forth the mom would tell the daughter to through higher and then she would catch the ball and the mom said higher above my head and then she catched it again the daughter said she was really good you should go try To get on a baseball team the mom tried out and then she came home with a uniform on she made it at the end the mom said lets go to the bus station and the dad came back from war.
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Then know they go watch Mama play baseball.
-The mom needs a job

-She try's out for a baseball

-And she makes it

-The dad comes back home