Lani Schoper

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She's faster than a cheetah,she's a slam dunk pro, she's Michal Jordon female style! Who is she? Lani Schoper! Read about her childhood, the team she plays on, and how she became a basketball champion!



Lani was born August,14,2003. Almost right after that, she went to her sister's sporting events. Her parents nicknamed her Boodah because she would rub her tummy and say "Boodah!" for no reason.


Lani is one of the greatest basketball players in history. She became interested when she watched her sister play."It runs in my family." she says. Lani plays for North Tartan. Her best friend is Alaina Spoute.

Fun Facts

Lani has some things you don't know about her.1 She is afraid of storms because she sees people die from storms on the news. 2 She isn't flexible. Lani can't touch her toes no matter how hard she tries! 3 Lani only moved once. And that was down the street!


So in conclusion, Lani is active, smart, and a very good person!