St. George School Update

December 17, 2020

Presenting your 2020-2021 St. George Student Council!

President: Ruby F.

Internal VP: Kaiya M.

External VP: Kristian D.

Treasurer: Juliana P.

Secretary: Nayeli J.

Eighth Grade Events Coordinator: Cesaly M.

3rd Grade Class Representative: Sal A.

4th Grade Class Representative: Lucas S.

5th Grade Class Representative: Alec B.

6th Grade Class Representative: Ruby A.

7th Grade Class Representative: Sienna S.

8th Grade Class Representative: Ella H.

Congratulations Student Leaders!

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This is a picture of our Student Council leading a rosary for our school community on the Holy Day of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Way to go Student Council!

AVID Program at St. George

The AVID Program is a system designed to improve each students readiness for high school and college life by partnering with families and providing a community-based learning environment for students. This is our first year implementing the AVID program in grades K-8 and we are the ONLY Catholic School to participate.

The AVID program emphasizes five areas of instruction - WICOR:

Writing - helping students write to think and learn and produce various types of written works

Inquiry - helping students incorporate their own interest in their learning to make learning relevant and meaningful

Collaboration - helping students find positive and productive ways to interact with other students and adults at school and in the community

Organization - teaching students how to use planners, binders, and systems for note-taking and studying

Rigor - helping students access challenging curriculum with grit and resilience

Teachers participate in numerous professional development opportunities to improve their teaching methods and to emphasize the AVID WICOR curriculum.

Click here to learn more about the AVID program.

People Like Me


This year (and in all future years), St. George School will administer the PSAT Exam to all 8th grade students at no additional charge to families. The PSAT exam is preliminary SAT exam meant to help students assess their skills, compete for scholarships, make each students interests and abilities known to universities, and ultimately increase the chances of students being accepted into the university of their dream.

The exam will be ON CAMPUS on January 20, 2021 for 8th grade ONLY. Arrival time is 7:45am. Our students will take the exam in rooms that have not been occupied by any other group, with desks that are more than 6 feet apart, and with plenty of ventilation. Please remind your student to wear a mask, bring two pencils, one black/blue ink pen, and a scientific calculator. Students should also pack a lunch and some water. More details will be available to parents as the date approaches.

Parents may choose to opt-out of this exam but there are no makeups. Students who arrive late will not be given additional time.

After the exam, students are given a FREE individual study plan to improve scores each time. As our students transition to St. Mary's High School, the PSAT exam is given in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade year. The PSAT is modeled after the SAT and students should be very familiar with the exam after taking it several times and working to improve their score.

In the 8th grade, 9th grade, and 10th grade, the only purpose of the exam is to practice and improve the score each time.

In the 11th grade, the PSAT is a MAJOR scholarship competition and college recruitment event.

At the end of the 11th grade year, students should take the SAT (test for college admission) and preparing to apply for college.

Please click here to learn more about the PSAT and the SAT.

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Please check with St. Mary's about details.

St. Mary's High School - Financial Aid and Scholarship Application OPEN NOW

It is the same tuition assistance application where you applied for St. George School. You can apply through your ParentsWeb portal. Don't forget to change the name of the school for your 9th grader to St. Mary's High School.

If you have other children at St. George, you can include everyone on the same application. (If you know of other families that want to bring their child to St. George next school year, the application for tuition assistance is open now.)

Applying EARLY gives you the best chance of qualifying for the most assistance.

In addition to applying for assistance, your child is encouraged to apply for SCHOLARSHIPS. This is different than tuition assistance. The kids need to do this application to qualify. Ms. Lopez will be working with students on completing this application as a class assignment. Please follow up with your child to make sure they complete the process.

Here is the link to apply for tuition assistance and scholarships.

Student Community Service Requirement

St. George School students are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service each year in the 7th and 8th grade (total of 20 hours - at least 10 each year). This is a requirement for our Religion class and a requirement to complete the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please know that this is a minimum. Students who would like to compete for scholarships and admission to universities should participate in many more service projects than what we are asking.

Students must receive approval to receive credit for a community service event in advance from their teacher or the school principal.

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Environmental Justice Advocates

Our 7/8th grade students are working with local community organizations to learn about our responsibility as stewards of our planet.

Once a week, our students meet afterschool via Zoom with our partners at Fathers and Families of San Joaquin County to meet with other teenagers in the Stockton Area who want to learn about our local environment and how to improve the health of our residents through environmental means.

The students participating in the workshop were then invited to participate in two tree planting events at Louis Park and Victory Park. The tree planting event was sponsored by PUENTES and the Boggs Tract Community Farm. Our small army of St. George students and parents joined others from the Stockton Community to plant more than 50 trees at each park! Stocktonians can breathe easier knowing we have 100 more trees helping to clean the air for our residents.

Thank you FFSJ staff Irene Calimlim and Paige Tengeluk for hosting the program and inviting our students to participate! Learn more about FFSJ here.

Thank you to Kenda Templeton from PUENTES for inviting us to participate in the tree planting event! Learn more about PUENTES here.

Tree Planting Event at Louis Park on 12/5/20

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Tree Planting Event at Victory Park on 12/12/20

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Don't forget to apply for tuition assistance for NEXT year. The application is available now! Call our school office for more information (209) 463-1540.

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UOP CHASE Your Dreams, Achieve Nothing Less Mentoring Program

St. George School is partnered with the UOP Chase your dreams mentoring program. Undergraduate students from the Stockton Community that are attending UOP are mentoring our 7th and 8th grade students to prepare them for high school and college life. Because of the pandemic, one of the main topics is motivation and emotional well-being. The students meet once a week via Zoom.

The mentors are also leading monthly workshops for parents on a variety of topics related to college-readiness.

Thank you UOP, John Chase, and the Community Involvement Program students!

Thank you to all who participated in our school naming survey! Bishop approved the name for our regional school as "All Saints Academy!"

Here is a little Christmas Cheer from our students and staff!

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Christmas Elves 2020 - St. George 3/4th Grade
Gutierrez Family - Mr. Grinch
Little Donkey
Julie Christmas Karaoke
Lliliana - Away in a Manger

Our Christmas Karaoke Contest winners are (drum roll please): Liliana and Khaleesi! You both have some pizza coming your way! Congratulations!

Khaleesi - All I want for Christmas
Kristian - Winter Wonderland
Ms. Lopez - Christmas 2020
Christmas Rap - Written and Performed by our St. George 7/8th grade class
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